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[Bug] Broken Zones - Cannot return to Mac Anu without Sprite Orcarina.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Sin, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Sin

    Sin Delta User

    ALL DELTA ZONES! (86YTD 02/01/2017)

    Chosen Passed Over Hypha
    Chosen Passed Over Gate

    Chosen Forbidden Sea of Sands
    Chosen Forbidden Hypha
    Chosen Forbidden Gate

    Chosen Hopeless Sea of Sands
    Chosen Hopeless Hypha

    Chosen Her Sea of Sands
    Chosen Her Hypha
    Chosen Her Gate

    Burning Passed Over Nothingnes
    Burning Passed Over Gate
    Burning Passed Over Hypha
    Burning Passed Over Gate

    Burning Forbidden Aqua Field
    Burning Forbidden Nothingness

    Burning Hopeless Nothingness
    Burning Hopeless Sea of Sands
    Burning Hopeless Hypha
    Burning Hopeless Gate

    Burning Silent Aqua Field
    Burning Silent Nothingness
    Burning Silent Sea of Sands
    Burning Silent Hypha
    Burning Silent Gate

    Burning Her Aqua Field
    Burning Her Nothingness
    Burning Her Gate

    Chatting Passed Over Aqua Field
    Chatting Passed Over Sea of Sands
    Chatting Passed Over Hypha
    Chatting Passed Over Gate

    Chatting Forbidden Aqua Field
    Chatting Forbidden Nothingness
    Chatting Forbidden Sea of Sands
    Chatting Forbidden Hypha
    Chatting Forbidden Gate

    Chatting Hopeless Aqua Field
    Chatting Hopeless Nothingness
    Chatting Hopeless Sea of Sands
    Chatting Hopeless Hypha
    Chatting Hopeless Gate

    Chatting Silent Aqua Field
    Chatting Silent Nothingness
    Chatting Silent Sea of Sands
    Chatting Silent Hypha
    Chatting Silent Gate

    Chatting Her Aqua Field
    Chatting Her Nothingness
    Chatting Her Sea of Sands
    Chatting Her Hypha
    Chatting Her Gate

    Quiet Passed Over Aqua Field
    Quiet Passed Over Nothingness
    Quiet Passed Over Sea of Sands
    I died instantaneously when I tried QPOAF Don't know if it's Bugged yet...
    Quiet Passed Over Gate

    Quiet Forbidden Aqua Field
    Quiet Forbidden Nothingness
    Quiet Forbidden Sea of Sand
    Quiet Forbidden Hypha
    Quiet Forbidden Gate

    Quiet Hopeless Aqua Field
    Quiet Hopeless Hypha
    Quiet Hopeless Gate

    Quiet Silent Nothingness
    Quiet Silent Sea of Sand
    Quiet Silent Gate

    Quiet Her Aqua Field
    Quiet Her Nothingness
    Quiet Her Sea of Sand
    Quiet Her Hypha
    Quiet Her Gate

    Boundless Passed Over Aqua Field
    Boundless Passed Over Nothingness
    Boundless Passed Over Sea of Sand
    Boundless Passed Over Hypha

    Boundless Forbidden Aqua Field
    Boundless Forbidden Nothingness
    Boundless Forbidden Sea of Sand
    Boundless Forbidden Hypha
    Boundless Forbidden Gate

    Boundless Hopeless Aqua Field
    Boundless Hopeless Nothingness
    Boundless Hopeless Sea of Sand
    Boundless Hopeless Hypha
    Boundless Hopeless Gate

    AS I continue with recording more content for SinTalks Season - 1 Season Finale Part - 1 :: Delta's Memories I'll be sure to add them here or elsewhere.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
  2. i0n

    i0n Delta User

    I've spent the last few hours trying to grind without a sprite ocarina and have had to force close the .exe almost every time.
    Not only on Delta though.
  3. AzureZhen

    AzureZhen Administrator R:Craft Staff

    did you do /gateout?
    i0n likes this.
  4. i0n

    i0n Delta User

    [​IMG] I did /gateout and shift+G as well as the menu button I also tried to log out and close the window with the x button. Because the fields are classified as dungeons the system keeps you in. I tried this from Wailing Capital Wald Uberlisterin for one example.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
  5. i0n

    i0n Delta User

    It'd probably be an easy fix for this one. Just add a warp point on the chaos gate type thing back to the theta server chaos gate. Other fields however might be a little more complex as I don't know how the dungeon system works.

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