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Crazy Last recode theory(possible gu volume 4 spoilers??)

Discussion in 'General BBS' started by ravenshield, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. ravenshield

    ravenshield Delta User

    Okay here is my crazy theory from what we know of the timeline the world r2 ends in late 2018 and with the announcement of volume 4 maybe the game is preparing for its last month or so and has a (hopefully) great story leading to it then since even adding a volume 4 is epic and unneeded what if on the same day the game is to shut down lore wise we get a big announcement irl of an upcoming vr mmorpg of dot hack cc2 is apparently working on a vr game but i havent heard anything about it. (of course this wont happen almost 100%) but wouldnt it be awesome?
  2. AzureZhen

    AzureZhen Administrator R:Craft Staff

    TBH that much development in VR would be unlikely on because of how pricey VR is for the average gamer. VR game would still be also but an actual MMO by them would be nice also, especially if it joins the trend of cross platform play!
  3. ravenshield

    ravenshield Delta User

    or maybe they are gonna add an online mode like in fragment but more modern (no stupid area servers) or you can create a charecter ala the (terrible imo) sao games and invite friends to your party over steam or psn(hopefully cross platform) and you either unlock it post game maybe? or you can do it from the start but cant play them in story areas?
  4. ravenshield

    ravenshield Delta User

    i mean hey you dont have it in the main game i'd pay $40 dollars for that as a dlc
    but i'd recommend $20
  5. Firelad

    Firelad Delta User

    In my opinion, that will seem silly for the company. I'm probably wrong, but just look at Fragment ... that's why it never was released overseas. There is one thing, however, that it is possible for someone to release the multiplayer mod. One day.
  6. ravenshield

    ravenshield Delta User

    well i cant argue that but the gu games were much more popular where it was released(or atleast it sold better) and if you look at it with the popularity of SAO it could help sell copies of .hack because the SAO games are kinda boring imo of course thats a very subjective view but there could be alot of people who would agree or even alot of people who never had a ps2 or ps4 so buy it on steam. i think if there are plans they will be scrapped if it dosent sell