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Data drain?

Discussion in 'General BBS' started by Biohazzerd, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Biohazzerd

    Biohazzerd Delta User

    Is it a thing and how do I get it. I see some hacked monsters but cant kill them, had it to no life and it didn't die. Was afraid too let it kill me. I don't want to become comatose. :p
  2. Tyrial

    Tyrial Code Whisperer Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    RP: Where did you see a hacked monster? We’re trying to fix those areas but nothing seems to be working. Every monster should be able to die from attacks. Let us know if you have any more information

    Non-RP: Skills/spells are from items. Maybe you can ask around and see what item gives the skill you’re looking for
  3. Biohazzerd

    Biohazzerd Delta User

    I don't remember I've been around to a lot of different zones if I see another one ill definitely post it there scary 0_0

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