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[Log] Developer Log (4-7-17)

Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by Zaren, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Zaren

    Zaren Administrator Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    Due to our database server migration for the website this will be a combination of two developer logs. Originally I had planned to post mannny more images this log but one of my hard drives are failing so it's been difficult to get images of the latest completed work, though I've managed to get a few things in here and i'll try to list what else we've been working on during this time.

    First I'll start with some temporary and gag weapons, some of you may have the R:2 Cleric staves I've posted before, the weapons I'm posting images of today are placeholder weapons that we've edited from a free source in order to have some content ready for the Alpha release, we want you to know these weapons don't reflect the visual standards that we have for our future releases and that all of these (with the exception of some of the gag weapons) will be replaced with higher quality weapons with more of a dot hack feel.

    We also have a new building finished (the gateway bridge building) which I will post an image of the raw model here.

    We have images of the final edits of the female character sculpt and the base body retopology which has a total poly count of 4620 (at the highest detail level) meaning that the poly count may drop depending on your in-game graphics settings.

    Now for things I don't have images of today:

    Several class animations. I have a few animations ready for testing for the classes; Blade Brandier, Edge Pusher, Shadow Warlock, and Twin Blade.

    Root town movement animations. We have all of the finished basic movement animations such as running, jumping, walking, turning ect. that will be used in root towns. Your animation set will change when you have a weapon equipped, depending on the weapon you're wielding. We also have a smooth transitioning system for all root-town animations. (I'm hoping to be able to show off animations in a video soon)

    We have a few new classic style weapons (not placeholders).

    We have several field type assets (which I might wait til we start working on fields to show off, we'll see) which includes snow and grass type fields, everything from vegetation to particle effects and background assets.

    We've been working on a bird system with models and AI (I think I've mentioned this in another log) but now we just need to put it into the main project folder and test it out.

    Over the next few weeks we plan to work on retopology of the character assets as well as rigging and weight painting in order to get to a point where we can show off some class combat. Until then, please enjoy the images that I managed to get in time for the log.

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