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.Hack//The World R:1

Discussion in 'Role-Play' started by Jetstream, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Jetstream

    Jetstream Theta User

    The World is online and ready to go. Players across the net have waited for years to shine on the very day The World was released. Players all around gather to play this game, as CcCorp makes the virtual reality come true. Revision:1, the game where it started it all; for the best MMO-VR-RPG can be explored. What the players all know, the story, the legend, the Key of the Twilight. Everyone wants to know of what it really is...The secret behind the Key...is just a secret waiting to be revealed.
    You the players, log in at your own risk.....ready? Data.... Drain!!

    (Hi, ready to import your character data in this here slot? Haha. If you already have a character back at the http://forums.cyberconnects2.com/cy...ious-r-1-roleplay-thread-pc-introductions.62/ then you are just ready to role, just put in a link to your character right here and appearance if you'd like. (I know I have) From the link above, the story can follow any way it may be possible only in R:1 and linking branch storylines. This choice is yours, if you'd like to head with a party of your own with some characters to follow a part of your story, OR we normally branch up and come in as one group. The choice is yours. If you'd want to start, its ok to start at your pace, remember you don't have to be level 1.)

    Name- Jetstream
    Class- Twin Blade
    Personality- He is a dope, most likely to run into things and trips. Jetstream is kind hearted with a little weakness other than his feet, sometimes goes gaga for the ladies. He sometimes can get rough around the edges.
    Backstory- Jetstream in the real world loves the Japanese lifestyle, so he dreams of going to Japan. He's never encountered a PK in his entire gaming career. The World was the first game he's played in a year.
    Friends- None
    Guild- N/A
    Other- He only logs in now.
    Appearance- Jetstream appears to have a close look-a-like to Kite, wearing whitish barret hat with the silver symbol in the middle, and the top of the spiky star on it is blue. His scarf is white, undershirt blue, overshirt white with silver strides horizontally down his chest. His baggy pants white with a slight of silver outline on the pattern of his pants. Shoes brown, gloves and bracers brown, backpack strap brown with silver buckle. Backpack itself white with blue strides. His belt(s) brown. His eye color is blue with a shade of black, hair is about light blue, his face wave patterns are triangular with blue color.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2015
  2. Jetstream

    Jetstream Theta User

    As the real world falls into dusk, Jetstream logs into The World for some dungeon sweeping. "Let's get this going, hope i get some good equipment."
    A flash as his FMD started and birds and water made sounds in the Venice replica of the Root Town Mac Anu. "Right first I'll head to three dungeons solo." Jetstream turns around and sets the keywords to Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field.
  3. AzureKioku

    AzureKioku Delta User

    *appears from azure flames*
    is this... the new world... my old one, deleted... gone.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
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