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Purchasable Custom Sprites

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Camupins, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Camupins

    Camupins Delta User

    I know I heard of a possible game store that would allow the players of 'The World' buy non-pay-to-win cosmetic items. So, I thought it would be a wonderful thing to pay a small amount to get a custom sprite made! Good idea? Bad idea? I use Gaia Online a lot and always love my avatars. Would be great to have one turned into a PC in the game. :D
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  2. ZBrM

    ZBrM Theta User

  3. AdricAvulsion

    AdricAvulsion Delta User

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  4. Zaren

    Zaren Administrator Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    We wouldn't mind doing something like that but the problem is if people don't get exactly what they want, you may have and idea of what you want, sketch it then we make the sprite but if it's slightly different then we'd have to go back and redo it till it's right when we have lots of other things to work on. I do like the idea though.
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  5. AdricAvulsion

    AdricAvulsion Delta User

    What about outsourcing help or having someone join specifically for custom sprites? Or even letting a person themselves design the sprite, so long as they have the appropriate dimensions and such? As for the revision issue, I feel as though there should be a "final sale" disclaimer. Sprite requires specific instructions/detailed (enough) drawing. I dunno. Just brainstorming.
  6. Camupins

    Camupins Delta User

    I'm easy~ I'm sure I would love it anyway. :)
  7. ZBrM

    ZBrM Theta User

    Perhaps a better idea would be event sprites, such as The One Sin event?
    That way you have to earn rather than buying it.
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  8. Zaren

    Zaren Administrator Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    @AdricAvulsion Those are basically what I thought about, but there's always going to be that one guy "this is nothing like what I wanted". Outsourcing would be too expensive to sell the sprites cheaply, and we have to keep a good staff to community ratio so hiring for something that specific would be a waste lol. We also have to keep in mind the 'time/money' ratio which is what I call it, I ask myself "Could we make more money if I use that time to work and donate my hourly wage for that time?"
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  9. CJ@HK

    CJ@HK Delta User

    How about allowing users to upload their model in pixel art?
    If there is a template I think people can work on their own sprite, might be a good idea?
  10. Tyrial

    Tyrial Code Whisperer Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    We'd have to manually approve/deny them, and it would just be a ton of work having to explain our reasoning to everyone. Plus, actually adding and distributing the sprites would be a hassle to keep doing over and over
  11. AmorousLovers

    AmorousLovers Delta User R:1 Veteran

    Is there any way users can add it to the server source themselves then so you don't have to add them in yourselves? Sort of like how .hack//KYAT let you upload your own avatar using a paperdoll template they premade.

    If not, I still recommend the RPGMaker VX paperdoll sets that I posted here.
    It comes with naked body templates in all skin colors for the players to choose at will. Plus, New paperdoll accessories and clothes can always be added in, such as .hack-exclusive hats, clothes, armor, etc.

    I'm sure there are many of us who do pixel art, and I wouldn't mind helping you guys organize them out. It can really give the player a unique feel with the mix and match clothes, body, hair and accessories, without you guys having to make everything from scratch or using TW's bite-size, illegible sprites.

    I can also convert those paperdolls from bmp to Png with transparency if you need. I'm also working on examples of what I mean. Hell, I can even edit the bodies myself so they can have wavemark options and recolor sprites for different color hair and clothes, as well as try my hand at custom .hack paperdoll items. XD Just lemme know, I'd be more than happy to help. (In the name of Character Customization.)

    Edit: So above would be a comparison between the standard male body sprite for paperdolling from RPGMaker VX. Next to it is a very quick edit I did of Bear's wavemark. I also made an example paperdoll out of Kite's hat. Now players wouldn't have to have Kite's hair to have Kite's hat.

    Or even have Bear's wavemarks with Kite's hat. lol

    But then... maybe you DO want Kite's hair? But you don't want the hat.. or maybe you do? The hair on the left came with the RPGMaker VX sprites. I incorporated it into Kite's hat on the right, which can be a separate hair paperdoll.


    Or maybe you wanna look like Bear? Cool. this way you can mix and match without having presets. this hair was also from the RPGMaker VX, I just adjusted the color to Bear's shade.


    I'd be willing to help out with stuff like this and custom spriting of other paperdolls for TW if you guys considered using the RPGMaker VX sprites. ( :
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2015
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  12. ZBrM

    ZBrM Theta User

    I'm so about those sprites as long as they're *ever so slightly* shorter than the current ones.
    The current sprites go about a quarter way to the next tile, most of which are fringe, and it looks bad/will take too long to fix.
  13. AmorousLovers

    AmorousLovers Delta User R:1 Veteran

    they're actually in the 32x32 tile parameter. As long as they are in that tile space, they should be fine.
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  14. Zaren

    Zaren Administrator Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    @AmorousLovers That's something we can actually consider (the paper doll stuff), We have the ability to use paper doll now, we just haven't gotten around to messing with it. We did experiment with making a converter to convert the old sprites to our new formula which worked but theres issues with the resolution of the old sprites and we don't have a way of assigning them to players yet..

    Right now we're actually discussing on how to hire staff (how many staff to hire, requirements, what positions, ect..). Anyways, we'll discuss customization and even consider hiring new staff for that area. So if you'd like (if the position officially becomes available) you could always apply. =)

    If we do hire someone to take care of that side of the development then its possible that players can submit their own assets to use as long as they follow the technical guidelines. I am a little worried about the process of selection for donated assets though, I'm sure some people would get butt-hurt if their asset didn't get used lol.
  15. ZBrM

    ZBrM Theta User

    I vote +1 on Amorous being sprite designer.
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  16. AmorousLovers

    AmorousLovers Delta User R:1 Veteran

    Lol, i would definitely consider that, thanks. ( : I am actually offering to do this regardless of a staff position, though.

    To be honest, TWs sprites are too small to even be seen. The RPGMaker VX sprite packs i posted are available to the public, so you can use them as is or edit them as you need.
    Theyre the most customizable ones so far, and i dont mind taking time out of my day to convert them to PNG and reorganize them in number names and files like you need them.

    You can just let me know how you need them for the character changer and i can number them and change them as such.

    I can even put them all in one spritesheet like the TW spritesets if that would make it easier for you.
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  17. Tyrial

    Tyrial Code Whisperer Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    TWs sprites were 32x32 but the "newer" ones are larger than that. Somewhere around 36x34 I believe.

    We have a converter from bmp to PNG, and I wrote a program that organizes files into the way we need them, so you definitely wouldn't have to go through all that lol. Plus, we encrypt and compress our graphics into the common.cc2 so we'd have to do it anyways

    But! You definitely seem more than capable of sprites, and I'd personally love to see more of your work! Zaren pretty much covered everything else lol
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