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R:1 Veteran

Discussion in 'General BBS' started by Ashitaka, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Tyrial

    Tyrial Code Whisperer Staff Member R:1 Veteran

  2. Eight

    Eight Delta User

    So many memories. I feel a bit weird being here. Don’t know if I can verify I’m a veteran. I did originally join in March of 2007. I did manage to dig up some old photos I didn’t know I had.

    On another note, while looking through I found a strange text document related to the world I forgot how I got. I think someone gave it to me. It’s the only thing I have that dates back to 2007.

    I can try posting some images. 90EEA790-1775-4ED3-AC69-4633E8E4A405.jpeg 77F015B2-3BF2-4E01-B01D-76B70CF60977.jpeg B64DD539-6606-454E-8246-750A00D31674.jpeg
    6DDABF81-AA79-4A1C-BD9A-9C6C3463C913.jpeg Either way, I’m happy to be here.

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