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[Sticky] Upcoming Features

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Tyrial, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Tyrial

    Tyrial Code Whisperer Staff Member R:1 Veteran

    With the release of 1.0.9.x getting closer, I was wondering what features you all want to see in the game?
    It doesn't have to be a feature from TW, or even .Hack// related. I want to make this game as enjoyable as I can, and am interested in everyone's opinion.

    For instance, Chim Warps are something I know people want in. Anything else?

    Let's hear your thoughts :p
  2. Jetstream

    Jetstream Theta User

    the chim warps and quests and AI quests, AI quests for specific event that pretty much ties down into TW. How about that making the 2D's game little story adventure? Figuring out a puzzle with clues and we try to solve it. Obtain the prize

    OH and more shops, and Up-to-date weapons and equipment too
  3. ZBrM

    ZBrM Theta User

    Bring back Alpha, Beta and ???, if they still exist.

    Allow players to write their own books, and leave them in select places in game. Also, allow players to write a sort of "Journal" to document their progress, or keep notes of keywords and such. Perhaps have these be tradable and craftable items, or something.

    New joke items. Something we haven't seen before. Maybe allow them to have a use as well.
    Fields, obviously. All the usual stuff that's needed. Items, and etc..

    Mobile chat. You already know.

    I don't know. You're already on top of most stuff. I know it isn't highly-requested, but I'd love to be able to fully play on mobile. Otherwise, I can't think of too much that I think needs to be added.

    Oh, and the ability for me to finally play on Linux. Still been having issues.
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  4. AmorousLovers

    AmorousLovers Delta User R:1 Veteran

    It'd be great to have a way player could set up their own personal events, like for their guild, their friends, or the public. That's probably something less accomplish-able though. seems complicated. idk. Also, a real PvP arena would be fun, and not just that tiny one that we've had forever, like a giant Lumina-Cloth type one with seats and a ranking system. LOL. I'm doing too much, I guess.
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  5. ZBrM

    ZBrM Theta User

    Much yes to all of it. Books can help with player events.
  6. Tyrial

    Tyrial Code Whisperer Staff Member R:1 Veteran

  7. AmorousLovers

    AmorousLovers Delta User R:1 Veteran

    Like a player can set up hunting quests, gathering quests or raid quests, etc. Then the friends, or guild mates, etc. depending on how they set it up, could participate in the event. The players who win the event get some kind of reward as well as the player that sets it up. (exp or GP or something?) depending on how many players participate.

    Maybe there can be a specific list of events the player can choose to set up. like they could choose a gathering event, like who can collect the most aromatic grass and bring it to 'X' location. or a hunting event like who can find these three enemies and bring back their remains. winner gets GP and a decent sword or something.

    Whatever the player decides to set as the reward. (of course, they must have the item. you wouldn't furnish them.) The holder of the event can get a certain amt. of EXP depending on the number of players who participate. like 520xp per player (but they can only hold one event a week or something. idk. )

    Of course, I dont know how any of that fits in the game or even in coding something like that. it just seems like something players could do to pass the time. Honestly, I'm worried once everyone starts playing, most players are going to chill by the chaos gate and not do anything.. TW shouldn't be a "glorified chatroom" anymore. ya know?

    But then again, I just spit out ideas. I have no way to follow through on them, not sure if you would either, if these are too complicated of things to do. you guys can only do so much, I understand that.
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  8. Jetstream

    Jetstream Theta User

    i totally get that. the only people who actually do things were the new players for a bit and Sin. To me, sin here looks like the dedicated one to actually complete his work in the game.
    A chat room where everyone hangs out, first people need to log on to chat, second, the ones who just sit around with their thumbs firmly planted up and just go afk or "multitask" that we all know their wont really even talk or time out of the game. And the ideas you had there for events can be something we need to motivate them. That and or may be too much for the game to handle
  9. AmorousLovers

    AmorousLovers Delta User R:1 Veteran

    Well, that and the game is really just missing a lot of social/cooperative things to take in on. Most players from the previous TW solo'd all the way to 99. We would just plant ourselves at a few spots here and there and just GRIND. I never made it to 99 though. decided to stop at 80. was a good round off level for me. XD like dungeons for example. It'd be great to make it where certain dungeons HAVE to have a party of three. a tank, a DPS and a Support/healer. Sort of like how they have in FFXIV. That way, you HAVE to play with eachother to participate. just little things to force us to interact with eachother outside the chaos gate area.
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